Galaxies among us

The people who read,write and listen to soul music are the ones who can actually change this world. Because they have built this illusion inside their galaxy minds and their beliefs and dreams can revolutionise this land into a fantasy paradise. While linking hand in hand, step by step they turn an ugly stone into a precious gem like true alchemists.
Their thoughts are so exquisite and with an incalculable value like a incandescent Antarctica sun rays tormented by people’s prejudices. These innovations beam with power and strength spinning the world 360° for best only to be overthrown by thee. The rest of the world has a dim mind that cannot decipher these ideas. For art thou shalt not this earth incarnate. For is people like you who shatter these luminosity. Like is said these humanist are the summer in Antarctica. They illumine for days only to be overpowered by the darkness. And is there when you realise that no matter how pure your soul is there will always be dirt splattering and demolishing the serenity.


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