Winter’s flower

It was a lonely January night where the clock stroke exactly eleven p.m and the storm had engulfed the entire city; leaving her house plain dark. It was scary being alone in a big mansion where the only soul that loiters around here is an almost ghost. Not fully a human but definitely not a ghost. A Dead in the living world; that was her.

Not afraid of the darkness surrounding her, Lori started wandering around the big space everyone calls home. But not to her; this place was a mere stationary building that Lori has decided to rest, for maybe 70 years from now. But it was far from home. Because is home really a place? If so, isn’t that too superficial and egoistical of us; calling an object our home?

That is why Lori referred to it as a station and not colouring it with emotions and liveliness  , it does not deserved to be called such.

“Why do I feel so lonely today?” she sighed as she sat at the majestic stairs in the middle of the house “Why does my heart hurt and why do I feel like ripping it apart?” to her it didn’t make any sense. After all to her, heart is just an organ whose job is to pump blood. Tonight she is drowning in it.

What was worse is that she didn’t know why she was feeling gloomy. Was it because of a scorned lover, or because of the abandoned family or that bastard society living outside the gates? She did not know the reason but it was affecting her like never before.

A thunder clashed, whitening all the “station” and making Lori jump in fear. She hated thunders and lightening bolts were her phobia. “Maybe I should not have been such a prude and followed my morals. Maybe, just maybe I should’ve become a pray of the impurity and the unchastity of the world surrounding me” her voice was above a whisper not directed to anyone but herself.

She got up from the cold stairs and moved to the cold bedroom of hers. It was warm inside but her skin refused to inhale heat and absorb such delicacy and luxury inside her body. That is why everything seemed cold to her, especially her hands and feet; they were practically falling off.

Inside the lavish room was a majestic bed, untouched, and big windows that were continuously hit by the angry rain. “I can already feel it, the debauchery and shamelessness that has happened exactly in this spot.” a single tear rolled off her cheek as if to remind her of the decadence that has touched her in every single space of her. It was crystal clear wrapped by what is left of her innocence. It was all gone with the winter’s wind.

Memories started hitting her and the webs of misery started shedding of their poison and dust, making her remember and cough blood. “You are pure Lori, no matter what they say, you are pure and innocent and untouched by the monstrosity surrounding the humans mind. You are good, remember that” like a mantra, she kept repeating to herself. It was a small rope, helping her not fall into the depth of death and after that hell. It was a small hope keeping her alive and human. But how longer can it hold, the tight grip of hers was already thinning it out.

The rope started to weaken and despite Lori’s mantra, it broke down and with it, the girl also. To her surprise, she didn’t scream or cry in terror or anything to provoke her entire emotional being. It was something she expected to happen and that she¬†would soon fall prey of the cage she build inside her mind.

It was empty and cold, just like she anticipated it would be; the cage, I mean. Four walls, no windows, no nothing, much like the ‘station’ she lives in. It was familiar and that is why she didn’t seem so frightened. After all it happens every once a month, by now she should be used to it. However every time, the cage changes. Last month for example, it was a jungle and other times it was a valley filled with daisies. This time however, decided to be a dark and lonely animal cage.

“You fell once again Lori. I’ve been thinking that you want to visit me in here” a lonely and deep voice took her attention and turned around to see the one speaking.

And when she finally saw who was there, immediately she started running into his arms “Gabriel, I’ve missed you.” it didn’t take much longer before she sobbed into his neck, letting it all out.

The boy hugged her even tighter and whispered calm words into her ear “It’s alright, baby. Did the storm scare you again? Or did the evil neighbours hurt your feelings yet again?” Gabriel kept asking and pet her head gently and soothingly. He liked it whenever Lori visited him. It made his wait bearable.

“No, I kept remembering the past. It haunts me” she breathed deeply this time, before speaking again “It’s terrible Gabriel. Why would they do that to me” inside his chest, she spoke calmly as his arms felt like home; a real home to her. “Why did they touch me when all I did was treat them nicely, like a human being, after all. Does that make sense?”

Knowing her heart inch by inch, Gabriel just sighed as he sucked her pain away from her. And he felt it, the remorse and impurity of her indulged deep inside her soul. They had left a scar, one that angels can’t heal. It takes only the soul to repair what’s been broken.

“There will be condemnation for them too, darling. You’ll see. Everything has a beginning and an end. It will soon come. Meanwhile try to listen to the tranquility of everything after the storm is over. Just like you have bore misery and calamity inside you, it will all calm down after it is over. Try to turn something bad into good; that is your power after all.” Gabriel smiled as he looked at her grey eyes that were so calming and peaceful, yet deep like the ocean.

Lori, now calmer than before, pulled him on the ground and rested their backs at the wall “I thank God every day that he sends me you Gabriel, or else I would really lose my mind.” she smiled and locked arms with him, resting her head at his shoulder “You are like a flower to me, but not during spring time. You are my winter flower that reminds me, despite the harsh and cold surrounding you find strength to bloom, and remind yourself to find sun in a place where it doesn’t shine.” she looked again at him and caught him trying to hide a smile but failed as his cheeks turned rosy. “Stay with me forever” she whispered.

Then she closed her eyes, finally finding balance with herself, letting her guards run loose; because she knew that if there is one person that will protect her form this ruthless world, is Gabriel. But it was impossible for an angel to live in the human world. They could only meet when the soul has run dry and she needs to escape from it,in order to survive

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and warmth veiled her skin. Lori woke up, with her heart at ease and looked around at the untouched room, this time however not alone.

Gasping, she saw another person beside her “Gabriel…”



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