Two faced

There she was.

Cuffed in the chains of the truth, caged inside the black four walls of her vicious doings. The girl dripped in hell’s perfume. She was the reason hell was created. In fact she was so gruesomely vile, no one took her inside custody.

But inside these walls there lied another girl whose name I shall not say, for she was too deranged to be identified. Tears had smudged her entire face, and her eyes had slowly started to roll in the back of her head from the lack of energy.

They were each others antinomy. Alone they were nothing but together destructive. One healed and the other demolished what was in front of her.

The first started to speak in some sort of snake language. All the dark whisperings of your 2am thoughts crept to life. She indulged herself into every cervices of your body, into every nucleus of your cell; transforming your entire DNA.

Her smooth criminal talk hugged the life out of you. It embraced into your skin, like your gloves in a cold and winter night. You were beginning to feel helpless and scarred from how she was getting and twisting your poor, untreated mind.

“I am not going to kill you” she hissed under her breath, leaving you in a state of stupor at the time “Oh no, no no no” the girl repeated several times to herself. She was starting to exclude you from her impairing, suicidal thoughts.

She laughed. And you would think that her laugh would be daisies and butterflies. The sound of your favourite music, the sound of the birds chirping in your morning window, the sound of your favourite piano piece. But no, her laugh screeched your skin, like a broken glass going up and down your body, marking its territory. Her laugh shattered your eardrums, making blood spill from your ears. It was the sound of all sinners combined in hell playing a terrifying symphony.

You wanted to leave but her aura, her entire being had captured you with just her mere gaze settling in your disfigured eyes. And now the only thing running along your damaged brain was “why did I decide to visit her in this hell-like place?”

“You don’t deserve to be alive” the she-devil spoke once more, her voice booming inside the prison. “Consider yourself lucky that you and I are separated from these thin paper walls or else you’d be long dead, you despicable, low-life creature” She spat in front of her face, with no manners or such.

A turn in your stomach made you want to vomit all the things you ate for lunch. Your ribs were starting to create friction with your pleura, making it hard for you to breath.

1,2,3, Breathe.

1,2,3 Breathe again, let your killer make you stronger. And if it doesn’t then let it kill you, cold and hard; just like that.

“Then why” you started to tear up, all the sadness piled in your throat, making it even harder for you to stay alive. “Why are you letting me live? Kill me right here, right now and everyone will not suspect a thing.” However cameras surrounded the whole place. Yet as if they both had made a pact with the devil, they both knew that if the monster killed you, she would get away with it.

“These chains are my only prohibition but once I get out, I swear you gonna wish you were never born. YOU HEAR ME!” She screamed right into your scarred face, making you yelp in fear.

But then she lowered into her seat and chuckled deeply. Like she had been possessed by a greater force, even though she was the worst you could think of.

“It’s been so long since I enjoyed a nice meal. Here everything tastes bland and boring. It does not satisfy me like a human flesh does. The ecstasy when they plead for you to stop skinning them while alive, it sends chills to my soul. The crispy taste of a young girls skin, so pure and untouched,  crunching in your mouth while you drink from a glass of blood. You don’t get things like these anymore in the restaurants am I right?” She joked but the fear plastered in your eyes was something unyielding. Had she gone mental? It defied every rule of the livings. She was a monster, a psychopath.

Nevertheless her eyes went dark again, clenching her perfect white pearly teeth, she looked at you in misery. She gazed at you with so much hatred that it was you who was caged inside a box with no window or light. It was just you warped in a twisted reality, with your hands in your head, and your mouth whispering prayers in any form of religion.

“But you know what, once I am free and out of here, I am going to be a girl with manners” your eyes practically fell from the sockets, you knew, you knew what she was going to say next and the mere thought of it sent shivers down your spine.

“Don’t” it was the only thing you could manage to whisper at this moment before you lost it all.

She chuckled again, playing with your mind, like cat and mouse; but this was not a TV show and things did not end up playfully and nice. Instead it sent you to the pits of hell.

“I am going to visit my lovely nieces and my brother-in-law for a nice cup of tea and biscuits. Isn’t that lovely of me?” Raising her perfect eyebrow, she stared at you like she was the most normally insane of all people “And then I’ll stay for lunch because your house has this smell that drives me more insane than I already am” Her nose inhaled in a sick manner, like she fed in atrocious memories.

Your eyes opened wide, because in that exact moment you knew. You knew what she was going to do. Opening and closing your hand in a repeated manner, like a schizophrenic OCD girl, you prepared for the worst, because what could you do except to face the consequences of your own ill-fate.

Making a deep throaty noise, she sneered at how pathetic and weak you were being; not even protecting your loved ones.

“I’ll first kill your lovely husband with those set of knives I bought recently, just like Caesar.” she giggled like it was the most normal thing to do. “Then I’ll head over to the little angels whom I mostly adore. Don’t worry their’s will be more heavenly, I am not that evil.” Suffering in the devil’s chains she was, the monster silently exclaimed her scheme.

“I’ll drink their precious blood from my bare hands. Ah just imagine the terror in their eyes and the silent screams when I tear the skin apart from their bones. The pure liquid grazing my sinful skin like my best accessory. The fear that fills my bones when they whisper your name for help ‘Mama” “Mama, help me’ but you won’t be there.” a sickening laugh boomed through the walls, that had still not shattered.

“Why are you doing this? Why do you hate me this much?” you managed to whisper, this time the glare in your eyes was so dark and emotionless that it sent the monster to total madness. You are not supposed to fight back. You’re supposed to be the weak one.

All hell broke loose…

“Because every day I had to live with the same face as you.” she screamed in your face, losing control completely. “Every day I ought to hear how perfect and kind and smart you were while I was the one who was thrown in the street for being different and monstrous. I was the outcast, the one who was never loved by anyone. And you, you little b.itch got everything I wanted. You stole my first toy, despite me telling you how badly I wanted it. You stole my first glorious moment in first grade. You stole my first crush and first dance and left me with all these dark thoughts consuming me. You stole the love I deserved from our parents. You, the perfect child, who was never accused of anything.” The table was thrown away, papers scattered down on the floor, her hair went haywire from all the pulling.

And all you could do was cry and regret all your life that had passed; it had created so much misery and barbarous creature.

“Look at me” you shifted your eyes, not daring to lock eyes with her, for you would break if yes “LOOK AT ME” a sudden thump was heard and a tint of a reddish colour became visible on the white freckled canvas. She had slapped you, with all her power.

The skin contact on your skin shook you, literally, it left you breathless; even your hearing was deafened because of that. An eery sound peeped in your ears as you tried to grasp the moment. It bothered you; how easy it was for her to violate you and how easy you let her.

maybe because deep down… you knew how unfair everyone has treated her, including you. This was a sort of compensation to say from your side.

“I’m sorry” you said as you wiped the tears from your face, empathy spread along your features. “I’m sorry for always…” but then suddenly, as the world rotated 360 degrees something unconsciously shifted “framing you.” you smirked. “You were always the misconceived one, the shy and timid one. Everyone looked at you like an outcast while they looked at me like I was their saviour; an angel in disguise. It was so easy to blame my doings to you. You were always so gullible. But don’t worry honey I killed them myself. Your daughters were so” you breathed in pure satisfaction “so scared to see their twin aunt twist the heart out of their father and then both of them screamed in a so delighted agony that I haven’t felt in ages” you groaned at the sudden memory. “And they thought their own wife and mother killed them, ha, those idiots.”

“But don’t worry though, now you won’t ever get out of this hell” you giggled in triumph “but even if you do, the world will always see you as the monster who massacred its own family and me as their angel. That’s how it is sweetie pie. Enjoy your hell!” the chair screeched as you pushed it backwards and got up, ready to leave this muddy place.

You see, sometimes our eyes are conceived by beauty that we forget that roses have thorns that cut your skin if you touch them. But despite that, you are mesmerised by its beauty that you forget the pain indulged in you.

To be normally insane in a world where normalcy is considered a salvation, is suicidal. You will never be understood and they will label you and then put you to trash. You don’t belong here.

You are different therefore you are a psychopath who are up to no good.

Mimetism is the key to this world; it will open you many doors. However the price to this, is that you forget and lose yourself. Are you willing to accept that?

Careful you must be, if you choose not to, you’ll be sent in a void, empty ally filled with darkness. No way back. In the midst of all that humanity will be wary… when you look at the dark side, cautious you must be… for the dark side looks back. It will devour you whole.


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